Social Distancing 2020: Interview with Lauren and Kyle

May 12, 2020

Dear reader,

This is week 6 of the series of character interviews during social distancing 2020. Over the last couple of weeks I chatted with two of the Cavanagh brothers and their spouses, so this week I’m going back to Spring Harbor, Oregon to chat with the last Cavanagh brother and his loved one. Read on to discover what Lauren and Kyle, the main characters in Return To Love, have been up to.

*** Please note: this is unedited, so please excuse any typos or mistakes.***

G: Good morning! You guys look great, have you been working out?
L: We’ve led a very healthy life during self-isolation.
K: Yeah, we eat healthy food and we practice yoga in our private hut. And when the weather is nice, Sammy and I play catch in the garden. Lauren was adamant quarantine wouldn’t turn us into junk-food addicts.
S: Dad says my pitch is getting better and when we can start practicing with the team again, he will let me pitch more often.
G: Well, you’ve definitely been more active than me. You’re making me feel quite ashamed now.
K: *chuckles.* We’re lucky we have a big house and a garden. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have been able to be as active.
L: Our garden is a real godsend. And when I feel overwhelmed by my two men, I can retreat into my yoga hut for a bit of peace.
K: Hey, we’ve been on our best behavior so far.
L: *smiles.* I know but sometimes I feel a bit outnumbered and need some quiet time.
G: I suppose none of you can work because of social distancing, right? What do you do during the day?
L: I do work. I send my yoga students daily lessons and once a week we have a live class on Zoom.
K: I help Sammy with his homework and the two of us help Lauren with the chores too. We make a good cleaning team.
G: And have you had the chance to see Ellie and Adam, since you live only three houses down from theirs? Or did you stick to video chats?
K: We usually go on evening walks, if the weather isn’t too bad. It’s a very quiet neighborhood and nobody’s around after dinner, apart from the random person walking the dog. But we’ve been wearing our masks and always keep at a safe distance. Besides, when we get to their house, we stay in their driveway and they stand on their porch, so we can chat at a ten- or twelve-feet distance. Nobody wants to run unnecessary risks, especially with a little one on the way.
G: Oh, yes. About that… I didn’t know if you wanted to talk about it or it’s still all hush-hush with people outside your family.
L: We can’t really keep it under wraps anymore even if we wanted to. *rubs her hands over her round belly.*
G: Oops! No, you definitely can’t. Are you more scared or more excited about the day getting closer?
K: Scared.
L: Excited.
K+L: *laugh.*
L: I guess a bit of both. But we definitely can’t wait to see our baby.
G: Is it a boy or a girl?
K: *zips his lips with his fingers.*
L: We haven’t told anyone, sorry, we can’t make an exception.
G: But… but… I was by your side all along the way to your happily-ever-after, even if only figuratively. It’s not fair!
K: *chuckles.* Sorry, Grace. It’s our big secret. Sammy doesn’t know either.
S: Because Dad says I can’t keep my mouth shut.
K+L: *laugh.*
K: That’s right, kiddo. I know you’d go blabbing to Sophie and the whole town would know.
G: Oh, well. I guess I’ll have to wait like everyone else. Hey, Sammy, are you excited about being a big brother?
S: *nods vigorously.* I’ll be the best big brother in the whole world.
G: I’m sure you will. Now it’s time for Charli and Kean to produce an heir, right? I was just telling them last week they’ve been left behind, even though Kean is the eldest.
L: *chuckles.* I think Charli still needs a bit of time to ease into the idea. Kean loves being an uncle but I’m pretty sure he’s eager to have a bunch of his own.
K: My brother’s always been good with kids, even when he was younger. When my cousins moved in with us, the twins adored him, even though he was in college at the time. Whenever he came home, they were all over him.
G: I’m sure Charli will warm up to the idea, once another baby Cavanagh comes into the world. Keep me posted, okay?
L: We will. Although I’m sure either Kean or Charli will message you before they tell anyone else.
G: I count on it! Anyway, I’ll let you go back to your yoga or whatever other healthy activity you’ve got planned for the day. Stay safe and make sure you call me as soon as your little one is born. I can’t wait to see him or her.
K: We will. I’ll make sure to send you a picture of Lauren and the baby in the delivery room.
L: Honey, maybe just wait until I’m back in the hospital room and look a little more presentable.
K: You’ll look amazing anyway, baby. *kisses her cheek.*
G: Just send me a picture whenever, as long as you send it. Maybe even a family picture of the four of you together.
K: Leave it to me, Grace. I’ll make sure to send it as soon as they’ve picked me up off the floor, since Kean keeps saying I’ll likely faint at some point.
G: I’m sure you won’t. You’re a tough Cavanagh man, isn’t that what you guys call yourselves?
L: *rolls her eyes.* I’ll ask the doctors to give him a chair he can sit on, just in case.
K: Hey, give me a break! *chuckles.* Though I think that might be a good idea, baby.
G: Right, have a good rest of your day and stay safe.
S: *waves.* Bye, Grace!
K: Talk to you soon. You stay safe too.
L: Thanks for calling! Namasté. *joins hands in namasté pose.*


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