Social Distancing 2020: Interview with Ellie and Adam

Apr 28, 2020

Dear reader,
This is week 4 of the series of character interviews during social distancing 2020. After checking in on the couples living in Ireland, this week I’m moving to the Pacific Coast of the United States to chat with Ellie and Adam, the main characters in No End To Love.

*** Please note: this is unedited, so please excuse any typos or mistakes.***


G: Hi Cavanagh family!
Cavanagh family (in unison): Hi!
G: Well, look who’s here. The whole family, including the canine member!
A: The twins didn’t want to take their nap and Sophie was excited about the video chat.
E: Our little diva is always excited about video calls. Aren’t you, sweetie?
S: *nods vigorously.* I want to be on TV when I grow up.
A: *rolls his eyes.* All these Zoom and Skype calls have really turned her into a diva. Lord, help me. I’m going to have my hands full with this one.
E: *chuckles.* He’s playing Tough Dad but he still turns into a marshmallow when his baby girl bats her eyelashes at him. Even though she’s not a baby girl anymore.
A: *chuckles and puts on a guilty expression.*
G: And I’m sure that’s the thing you love the most about him, don’t you, Ellie?
E: It is. *smiles adoringly at him.*
S: Hey, Grace. I have a bike!
E-A: *laugh.*
G: Oh, that’s great news, Sophie! Let me guess, it’s pink.
S: *nods enthusiastically.* With glittery streamers and a white basket with flowers!
E: She can only ride it up and down the driveway and between our houses while we’re in lockdown.
S: But when the virus is dead, Daddy said we can ride all together up to Grammy’s house.
G: That’s wonderful. I’m sure it will be fun.
S: Meatball will come too! *wraps her arms around the golden retriever’s neck.*
G: I suppose you haven’t seen much of your big family, have you, guys?
A: *shakes head.* No. We self-isolated pretty early, what with me being an essential worker. I didn’t want to risk infecting my parents or my grandpa. It’s already hard with kids in the house.
E: He suggested staying in my house next door to keep me and the kids safe, but it only lasted two days.
A: We told Sophie I’d had to go away on a secret mission, but she’s too smart. Or maybe I simply forgot the police training and got caught.
S: Mommy said I could be a good detective when I grow up.
A: *chuckles.* I thought you wanted to be on TV?
S: *scrunches up her face in concentration. Then claps her hands.* I can be a detective on TV!
A-E: *laugh.*
E: So, well, after she sneaked out while I was changing the twins, burst into the other house and barreled toward him, we realized it would be impossible to make her understand why we had to live in two separate houses.
A: Especially after she told my mother, during their daily video chat, that we didn’t want to be married anymore because I was living in another house.
E: *chuckles.* I thought Enya would pass out. She probably even stopped breathing for a few seconds. Good thing I was right there with Sophie and could explain the situation.
A: Now I’m just being ultra-careful at work, then I come home and shower in the other house. I keep spare clothes there for when I change out of my uniform. And once I’m germ-free, I can join my family.
E: Keeping the kids away from their dad is next to impossible. They’re all over him as soon as he walks through the door.
G: You must be pretty busy looking after three kids all by yourself, Ellie.
E: *shrugs.* I’m used to being around many more kids than just three. This is a piece of cake, compared to my usual routine at preschool.
A: She’s a saint. Remember how I was going nuts with only one child of my own? She makes parenting look so easy.
G: Then it’s a lucky coincidence you moved in next door to her, after all.
A: It definitely is. I can’t imagine my life without her and my kids.
E: *smiles broadly.* We’re very lucky. Our life is beautiful and I wouldn’t change it with anyone else’s.
G: Aww, you still act like newlyweds on their honeymoon!
A-E: *laugh.*
G: What’s it like in Spring Harbor now that everything’s closed? It must feel like a ghost town.
A: Yeah, it’s weird. When I drive around in my patrol car, I feel like I’m living in one of those post-apocalyptic movies. I sometimes expect some kind of monster or zombie to cross the street and jump onto the hood of my car.
E: I haven’t been in town since the lockdown. Adam takes care of the groceries after work or during lunch break. I can’t go shopping with three kids, and since nobody can babysit—
S: Mommy, I have to pee.
A: *laughs out loud.* Well, baby girl, if you want to be on TV you can’t blurt out stuff like that while you’re on camera.
S: But it’s true! I have to go now. Bye, Grace!
G: Bye, Sophie!
*Sophie runs away. Cory, one of the twins, starts fussing in Ellie’s lap.*
E: I think it’s time for their afternoon snack. Sorry, Grace.
A: Their stomachs are bottomless pits. They’re always hungry. *chuckles.*
E: I wonder who they get it from?
A: Not me. *winks at the camera.*
E: *shakes her head.* Every member of the Cavanagh family has a sweet tooth. And the twins aren’t any different.
A: Good thing we have two bakers in the family and an amazing, half-Italian cook, then!
*Cory gets louder and his sister Lily joins in.*
G: Okay, guys. I’ll let you go feed your kids.
E: Sorry we had to cut the call short.
A: It was lovely to see you. Hopefully you can come visit soon.
E: Or we could organize a family trip to Italy and come see you.
G: That would be wonderful! Stay safe, guys. I’ll speak to you soon.
A-E: Bye! *wave.*

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