Social Distancing 2020: Interview with Charli and Kean

May 5, 2020

Dear reader,

This is week 5 of the series of character interviews during social distancing 2020. Last week I chatted with Ellie and Adam, so this week I’m going back to Spring Harbor, Oregon to chat with another Cavanagh brother and his loved one. Read on to discover what Kean and Charli, the main characters in Unplanned Love, have been up to.

*** Please note: this is unedited, so please excuse any typos or mistakes.***


G: Hello! It’s great to see you, guys.
K: Hi, Grace.
C: Hiiii!!! *frantically waves hand.*
G: How are you? How do you like playing lovebirds with no other company but the dogs?
K: *grins.* Oooh, we like that very much.
C: *rolls her eyes.* We still manage to step on each other’s toes and, honestly? Sometimes he really drives me crazy.
K: *pokes her in the ribs.* Come on, you know you love having me all for yourself.
C: We’re lucky we have a lot of space on the property, so we can get out of each other’s hair when we’re getting too close to biting each other’s head off.
K: Which hardly ever happens, anyway. Because I know how to use my charm to win her over. *winks at the camera.*
G: I bet Charli’s exaggerating, as usual. How are you keeping yourselves busy, now that neither of you can work?
C: Well, although the B&B is closed to guests, my event planning business is still operating. I mean, obviously it’s only people who are planning events in the future, not right now, but it’s enough to keep me busy.
K: The people of Spring are confident we’ll get through this and soon enough we’ll be able to party again. We’re positive like that, us small-town hicks. *gently elbows Charli and grins.*
C: *sighs.* You know I’m not that kind of person anymore.
K: What kind of person? *frowns.* Ooh, you mean the snobbish, stuck-up city girl who thought we lived in the nineteenth century and still used oil lamps? Of course you’re not, babe. You’re one of us now, like it or not.
C: And FYI, I happen to like this slower pace of life, so stop acting like a kid, Bob.
K: Yes, Ma’am *salutes her.*
C: Anyway, as I was saying, I’m keeping myself busy enough with the event planning, and we take advantage of all the extra time on our hands to go for walks or rides in the woods behind the house. Country life does have its perks during social distancing!
K: And she keeps me busy too, giving me orders and finding something for me to take care of, whenever she sees me relaxing.
C: *glares at him.* I don’t give you orders! I just think we should take advantage of the fact the B&B is closed so you can fix stuff that needs fixing and you don’t get bored. You were the one saying you don’t like being idle.
K: *wraps his arm around her shoulders and pulls her to his chest.* I’m kidding, babe. You know I love teasing you.
G: Oh, my. Are you two still bickering like you used to do before you became a couple? I thought you’d be over that, by now?
K: I love teasing her. She’s quite hot when she’s all riled up and mad at me. That’s when her Tex-Mex personality comes out and, man, do I love that! *smacks a kiss on her cheek.*
C: *smiles coyly.*
G: What’s the first thing you want to do when we all return to a sort of normal life?
K: See my family in person, then meet with my buddies at the Shark’s Tail. And go to Mamma Maria for a pizza and a tiramisù.
C: *sighs dreamily.* Aww, their tiramisù. I miss it so much! Like Kean, I want to see the Cavanagh family and go to Mamma Maria. But obviously, I want to go to visit my family in Texas too, though it might not be possible straight away. And you know what? I think we should organize a town celebration, a huge event for all the residents of Spring to come out of hibernation. With all the necessary precautions and safety procedures, but we could all use something to cheer us all up.
G: I think that’s a great idea, Charli!
C: Yeah, I’ll start planning it as soon as we hang up. *claps hands.* I’m so excited! I’m sure everyone will love it.
K: *covers his eyes with his hand.* And there go my plans of a quiet night on the couch, just the two of us and the dogs.
C: *glowers at him.*
G: Are you saying she’s gotten used to the dogs, then?
K: She loves them. You wouldn’t believe this woman is the same person who shrieked whenever one of the puppies went as far as rubbing against her ankles. She treats them like her babies, now. Sometimes I’m even a bit jealous.
G: Talking about babies…
K+C: *whip their heads around and stare at the camera with raised eyebrows.*
C: Wh-what babies?
K: *stares at Charli.* Have you been holding out on me, babe?
C: Noo! Of course, not! You know I’m as scared of babies as I was of dogs. Give me a bit of time to get used to the whole small-town-living issue. Then, maybe, we’ll talk about babies. One day.
G: Well, you two are falling behind. Both the younger Cavanaghs have their own families with kids. It’s time for the eldest to produce an heir too, don’t you think?
C: *pales.* Uh… no, I think we still need time. And we want to enjoy our married life a bit longer, don’t we, Bob?
K: Yeah, we have nieces and nephews to spoil. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to having kids, you know, if it should happen sooner than we’d planned. *then cups his hand at the side of his mouth and whispers.* You know she’s a planning freak, right?
C: *rolls her eyes.* And what’s wrong with that? I thought you loved that about me?
K: *smiles.* I love everything about you, babe. *pulls her to his chest and kisses the top of her head.*
G: All right, I guess I hit a sore spot. Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to upset you.
C: You didn’t. We do talk about kids, every now and then. We just… want to be prepared.
K: Heaven forbid the amazing, ultra-organized Charli Wingate Cavanagh was caught off guard! It might very well be the end of the world.
C: *chuckles.*
G: Okay, guys. I’ll let you go back to your planning, then. And I hope you do manage to find some time to relax in-between plans, and maybe include babies in those plans…
K: *chuckles.* Take care, Grace. Hope to see you soon.
C: Thanks for the chat. I promise you’ll be the first to know if anything changes on the babies front.
G: Well, maybe not the first, but I definitely want to know as soon as you’ve told the rest of the family! Meanwhile, stay safe and I’ll talk to you soon.
K+C: Bye!

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