Trust In Love – cover reveal

Oct 18, 2019

Coming November 8th, 2019.

Now available for preorder at a discounted price (save 1$)

I’m excited to show you the brand new cover of my upcoming Christmas novel in the Love In Spring series, set to release on November 8th. The book is available for preorder, it will be available on all the major online retailer, though at the time of writing this post, some stores are still catching up. So if you can’t see your favorite store yet, please check back in a day or two, or contact me to let me know where you shop for books, so I can email you as soon as the book is finally available.

For an author, a new book is like a new baby. The excitement of a new idea taking shape inside our heads, new characters eager to tell us their stories, always peeking over our shoulders to make sure we’re telling them the way they expect us to. It’s like getting to know new friends, struggling with them, feeling their pain, their happiness, the giddiness of falling in love.
And just like a mother showing her child to the world for the first time, sharing a book with the readers is thrilling and scary at the same time. “What will they think of the cover? What if they don’t like my precious baby? What if they don’t connect with my characters the way I hoped they would?” are just a few thoughts going through my head whenever I’m ready to release a new book.

So even though a shorter version of this new book I’m about to share with all you wonderful readers out there was already published last year, as part of a Christmas anthology with other authors, this feels very much like releasing a brand new book, especially since the anthology was only available on Amazon.
This book is a longer version and it’s available wherever ebooks are sold (and it will be also available as a paperback, if you prefer). I have been revising and adding new scenes and characters, putting additional obstacles on Zach and Leilani’s path to their happily-ever-after and given them a bit more time together on the pages.

If you already read the novella-length version, I hope you’ll pick up this new version and enjoy getting to know Zach and Leilani a bit better, just like I did while I was writing their story. And if you missed last year’s anthology, I hope you’ll enjoy getting lost in this sweet Christmas romance that will hopefully get you in the right mood for the upcoming festivities.

Official Blurb

They’d lost their faith in love, but the magic of Christmas can reignite even a bruised heart.

Doctor Zachary Valenti loves being surrounded by kids at work, and he’s eager to have a family of his own, but so far finding the right woman has proved impossible. Until a new nurse starts working at the hospital and her exotic beauty sparks an attraction he hasn’t felt in years.

After finding her groom in the wedding planner’s arms, nurse Leilani Moreira needs to get as far away as possible, and starting over in a small town seems the perfect solution. Until she meets the captivating pediatrician who warms her up with just a simple smile, and she suddenly finds it hard to remember what she was trying to get away from.

When fighting their attraction proves useless and they both surrender to their feelings, the shadows of Leilani’s past heartbreak threaten to pull them apart, making her doubt she’ll ever find a way to trust in love again.

A sweet, medical romance for fans of heartwarming stories and small-town settings. Trust In Love is book four in the Love In Spring series, but it can be read on its own.

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