A Christmas Melody – Bonus scene: The morning after the wedding

Nov 16, 2018

This is a bonus scene that I wrote after the book was finished. It happens after the last chapter but before the epilogue. If you haven’t read A Christmas Melody or A Love Melody, please note this excerpt contains spoilers.

* * *

Ryan woke up to the soft weight of Valerie’s head on his chest, her left arm draped across his waist and her left leg tangled with his. Although it had happened a few times over the last ten months, this time it felt different. They were married, now; they were officially and legally bound to each other for the rest of their lives—not that he would need a piece of paper to remind him, but it felt good to know he could now introduce her as his wife to everyone they met.
He smiled and gave her a gentle squeeze, placing a soft kiss on the top of her head. Valerie stirred and mumbled something unintelligible, while her arm wrapped tighter around his waist. When she pinched his hip, he let out a chuckle and her eyes fluttered open. The smile she gave him was unlike any other smile he’d ever seen on her face in seventeen years; his heart swelled with the love he felt for this amazing woman.
“Good morning, wife,” he whispered, looking at her. Her aquamarine eyes twinkled with amusement.
“Good morning, husband.” She giggled and pushed herself up to straddle him. “It feels so good to say it out loud. I love you so much, Ryan.” She bent down to kiss him but stopped just before her lips brushed his. “Oh, and happy Christmas.”
Ryan smiled and brushed the back of her neck. “Happy Christmas, love,” he whispered before pulling her face down to his. He kissed her slowly, savoring each second, his tongue brushing hers gently until the heat between them built slowly and steadily, and they lost control all over again.
As they lay wrapped in each other’s arms afterward, their chests rising in unison as they recovered their breath, Ryan wished they didn’t have to go to the family Christmas lunch, so they could spend the rest of the day snuggled up in that very comfortable bed, order room service and feed each other between kisses. Obviously they’d have plenty of time for that during their two weeks in Bali, but he wouldn’t mind starting their honeymoon now.
“Ryan?” Valerie asked, as she traced lazy circles on his chest. He turned his head to look at her and kissed the tip of her nose. “Do we have to go to your parents’? I really don’t want to leave this wonderful room: it’s cozy and warm here.” She said the last sentence in a husky tone, and wiggled her eyebrows. Ryan chuckled and gave her a squeeze, pulling her back on top of him.
“I don’t want to go either, love. I’m quite enjoying having you all to myself after a whole week of sharing you with everyone else.” She bent down and kissed his lips. “But I think at some point we’d better get out of this bed.”
Valerie giggled and nodded. “Makes sense.”
She moved off him and sat on the side of the bed, fidgeting with the belt of the soft towel robe she’d used sometime during the night when she’d come out of the bathroom.
“I think I’ll have a shower now. Can you order breakfast?” She stared at him over her shoulder and batted her eyelashes. “I don’t really want to go downstairs in my wedding dress, and I think breakfast in bed sounds way more inviting right now.”
Ryan rolled on his side and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Your wish is my command, Mrs. Wyler.”
Valerie giggled and pushed to her feet, but he pulled her back down onto the mattress.
“Ryan!” she scolded, and he laughed in response, placing a trail of soft kisses all along her spine. She shivered and let out a sigh. “At this rate, we’ll never have breakfast and never get out of bed.”
“I can do without breakfast; I’m not so sure I can do without you.”
She grunted. “Let go of me and call room service now, or I’m going to file for divorce.”
Ryan laughed and released his grip, placed one last kiss on the side of her neck and playfully pushed her off the bed.
“Okay. You win.”
Valerie giggled and grabbed the white robe off the armchair. He stared at her as she ran toward the bathroom, then picked up the phone and lay flat on his back, staring at the ceiling. He loved her so much he would never get enough of her. Ever. And now she was his for life he intended on making every single moment with her count.

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